Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thanks Ty for these pics...

Life according to my phone

I am the worst person ever to take pictures of my sweet baby. I always thought... oh once I have a baby of my own, I will be so much better at taking pics... I am not. Lately, since May... I have been to Utah to help my sister move and to visit family and work. I never thought I would be so bored being a stay at home mom. I thought, now this is the time to relax and enjoy. Parker is one of the easiest babies I know. So life is pretty easy. (knock on wood) We have had many visitors... We had our friends Ty and Whitnie come to visit for memorial day weekend, then Mark's dad and carrie came for a week and then my parents the week after. While my parents were here, I was lucky enough to take a girls weekend and meet my sister Jaime and sister in law in NYC. We had a blast shopping and seeing Newsies. I felt like such a teenie bopper when after the show I stood outside waiting for the cast to sign autographs. I got a pic with the main guy. I felt so dumb. At least I still look like I could pass for high school so hopefully I didnt look retarded. 

 Mount vernon

 Nationals game "nats"
foul ball
 4th of July... We went to a friends in Arlington and watched the malls fireworks from the park. 

 Family pics
My first "toms" thanks Healy's. 
We really are out and about doing things. we have gone to multiple water parks. P loves the water. We have seen many of the DC sights. I think our check list might be done... We do lunches with friends, a lot of baking, and lots of walks in parks and exploring.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So a friend of Mark's, Kevin and Katie, from work invited us to the horse races in VA this year. It was probably the most fun thing I've done since we've been here. We drove out to the plains and they have this horse race every year. Its an obstacle course that they jump, run through water and race a 3 mile course.  There were probably 50,000 people there. All these canopy tents and tailgating and BBQ were all lined up around the course. It was seriously something you see in the movies! You are required to dress up and most people wear hats and they have contests on the best hat. All the men were dressed up in "sunday afternoon" attire... AKA very preppy. We met this jockey when we first got there and he told us to route for HUMDINGER who actually won a few races. It was so fun to people watch and see all the great dresses and hats. People go all out for this thing. I felt like I was in "Pretty Woman" 

As a side note... A little update on P...He is 5 1/2 months old. He is rolling over now and getting huge. He is the most happy/smiley in the morning and eats solid foods twice a day. I am loving watching this little man grow. A few nicknames we have given him... Little P, duddu, bubba, chubster, stinky pants, little man and little dude. He has the most kissable cheeks and loves attention just like his mom! Still a great sleeper. He has slept through the night since about 8 weeks and still going strong. He is a drooling mess! I am embarrassed how wet he is after about an hour of getting him dressed. He loves the water and loves to kick. We are training him to go under water so he wont be scared. We have this huge bathtub and we are making it like a little swimming pool for him. Best little baby. We are so blessed to have such a calm good baby. Grandpa Doug is jealous, I guess Mark was not a good baby... 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprise and Mark Birthday

So my mom came out here to surprise me for 5 days! It was so much fun to have her here! We just went shopping and food and movies. It was fun to see her and have her get to know Parker a little better. Parker is now 5 months old. Still not turning over, not sure if he is just lazy or too fat! He is super smiley though and still such a calm baby. He has his fussy times, but all in all a good baby. It was Marky's birthday yesterday. Parker and I spend the day making his favorite cupcakes... funfetti with rainbow chip frosting. Then just went to dinner at olive garden. Nothing too special. My mom took us out to a fun restaurant the weekend before, so I am considering that as his real birthday dinner at Clyde's. Already miss my mom! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our VA house

So here are some pictures of our new place in VA. Still getting settled in and we haven't done anything to our basement. It is still full of boxes after 8 loads of removing paper and boxes to the garbage. We have a huge stack to give to a friend. I am still dying how many boxes movers waste!! Our basement will soon become my salon area and maybe a playroom. As of right now it is just a big open area for our playgroup kids to jump around. We have more to do... More furniture to buy, but here is a start. It is at least livable.

kitchen nook

dining room
family room

master bedroom

master bathroom

parker room

guest bedroom
guest bathroom